Mission Statement:

The Squalicum High School community exists to promote the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of its students which, in turn, will allow them to be successful in a diverse and changing world.

Vision Statement:

Squalicum High School is a community where:

• People care and belong

• Learning is relevant and engaging

• Students and staff believe in and strive for excellence

• Respect is given and responsibility is accepted

• Diversity and creativity are celebrated

and the result is lifelong learning.

Graduates will be

Knowledgeable Individuals
who read with comprehension; write with skill; communicate effectively and responsibly; and demonstrate academic proficiency in the arts, geography, mathematics, civics and history, health and fitness, social sciences and physical and life sciences.

Quality Producers
who successfully apply academic, intellectual, artistic and practical learning to create quality products and performances.

Effective Communicators
who apply their communication skills and processes effectively in a variety of ways and settings.

Competent Thinkers
who are able to think analytically and creatively, solve problems and make decisions.

Effective Collaborators
who can work successfully with diverse individuals and groups.

Responsible Citizens
who are informed and apply knowledge to improve the quality of their lives and communities.

Life-Long Learners
who are self-directed and apply learning confidently and successfully to new and different situations and tasks in preparation for a changing world and workplace.