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Senior Timeline 

Check the Career Center Page and Scholarship pages!

Attend a Scholarship help sessions for Whatcom Dollars for Scholars  On Jan. 31st at 9:20 am  For Whatcom Community Foundation help session on Jan. 31st during THOR in the Career Center

Need a letter of recommendation for your college or scholarship application?  If so you will need to request that letter at least 2 weeks before it is due!


High School Course Planning Guide 2018-19


Aramis Johnson          

Last Names A-G

Grades 10-12

(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7705


Steve Wiley

Last Names H-N

Grades 10-12

(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7709


Kelly Boyer

Last Names O-Z

Grades 10-12

(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7706


Debra Smith-Hicks

Last Names A-Z

Grade 9

(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7704


Connie Faria


(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7703


Cindy O’Brien

Career/Running Start Advisor

(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7708


Alexis Fields


(360) 676-6470 Ext. 7608


Si desea comunicarse con el consejero/a de su estudiante, por favor llame a la interprete, Tanya Castellon at (360) 676-6470 Ext. 7704. Para información de los programas familiares del distrito, por favor póngase en contacto con la coordinadora de Familias Latinas, Isabel Meaker al (360) 676-6470 ext. 4853.