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What is OneNote and how does it help teachers, students, and parents?

The big question teachers are thinking about is how will this technology benefit my students? One way that a 1:1 environment benefits students is by making your classroom more accessible. Teachers are always looking for ways to expose students to engaging curriculum and  by organizing your course into a Class Notebook using OneNote, students are able to access their class materials whenever they want, even without an internet connection. OneNoteThumbnail


OneNote is a Microsoft program that allows teachers, students and parents to access class materials from anywhere in the world. Our Squalicum teachers are working hard building Class Notebooks for students to use next year as we begin to pilot the 1:1 program for the Bellingham School District. OneNote as a tool allows teachers to keep all of their curriculum in one place for their students. As a student OneNote is where you can find all your homework, assignments, course resources and feedback from your teacher. As a parent you can use OneNote to get a glimpse into what your student is learning and can bring those conversations to the table at home.

What is OneNote look like in education?


The above video does a nice job highlighting how OneNote can be used in the classroom as a tool that enhances both the student and teacher experience. Parents will now be able to request sharing links from teachers to view their student’s work inside their class notebook making it easier to communicate successes and challenges inside the classroom.



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