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Building a Culture of Contribution in the Classroom

How can I get students to invest in one another’s success in class?

How can I get students to elicit purposeful feedback to one another?

One of the most challenging tasks teachers face is teaching students how to help one another academically in class. Building a culture of contribution can be difficult especially because many students have never been asked to invest in one another academically. Giving quality feedback comes easy to teachers because we’ve had plenty of practice over the years while many students struggle to help one another in a purposeful way.


Feedback has a huge impact on student success and teachers can only give so much feedback during the day. Why not have students start giving feedback to one another. The first step is to model effective feedback. Start with all feedback being from the teacher to the student but gradually give students more ownership by giving feedback to their peers.

Teacher –> Student

Moderator (Student) –> Student

Student —> Student


Padlet is a great tool for students learning how to give feedback to one another. Students can post projects, ideas, questions on the wall and other students can respond.


Below is a video showing you how to start using Padlet.

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