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Group Collaboration in OneNote

One of our teachers really took off when using OneNote for more than a classroom organization tool but instead a place for student collaboration. OneNote collaboration can be challenging because it requires clear norms and expectations. I say this because collaboration spaces in notebooks are complete free-for-alls. Any student can change/edit/delete/add content whenever they want without any moderation.

She was able to teach students to respect one another and be conscious about what they are doing in the collaboration space inside the class notebook. She is very specific about how she organized the collaboration space by breaking down specific sections for each group. Each group can see every section for the class project but can only edit their section in the notebook. Below I’ve created a video to show how to do this.

The best part about having students collaborate is it gives them more control over their learning and builds more accountability. You’ll likely work harder if you know everyone else will be able to see your work. In the Dimension of Classroom Environment and Culture there is a sub-dimension that is called Classroom Routines and Rituals. The vision for that sub-dimension states, “Classroom systems and routines facilitate student responsibility, ownership and independence.” What this teacher is doing is exactly that! Use of the collaboration space increases student responsibility, ownership and independence.

Think about the next time you do a group project. Imagine if every student group could see how other groups work to develop their own project and help one another be successful.

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