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Rethinking Test Corrections

When speaking with a colleague the other day they told me about how one of their teachers at their school had been brainstorming how to make test corrections more meaningful in their class. This teacher already knew that test corrections can help students reexamine content, therefore deepen their understanding before moving onto the next unit.

The classroom policies when it comes to test corrections are stated below.

  1. Students had one week to complete test corrections after they had been handed back. Any longer than a week would make it difficult for the teacher to keep track of and rescore.
  2. For each correction the student had to explain why they were wrong, what was the correct answer and why it was correct.

The teacher wanted students to be able to articulate #2 in a variety of ways and not limit students to handwritten responses.

The solution was to create a new system.

Her school was in the process of piloting a 1:1 technology program that gave every student a device. She had started to use OneNote class notebooks as a tool for gathering evidence of student learning. Once students were handed back a test or quiz with feedback they would use a tool called Office Lens to take a picture of the document and upload it to OneNote. The test corrections were to be done using OneNote, students could annotate, highlight, record speech and video as a way to demonstrate their thinking. This gave students choices on how they made their test corrections and the teacher could quickly review those without having to recollect them.

What she liked the most was when parents asked why their student received a specific score on an exam she encouraged parents to review the test corrections in OneNote.

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