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All local high school sailing is organized and managed by Whatcom Sailing.  We focus on racing, not learning how to sail. The high school sailing team is a recognized club sport at each school and we treat it the same as any school sport. Therefore, the expectations are the same regarding attendance at practices and races as any sport. Practices and regattas are required. All three high schools practice and compete together in most regattas.

Other sailing or sports:  Sometimes kids try to juggle multiple sports or other sailing opportunities while being on the sailing team.  This is not allowed, and please understand that if you miss practices or regattas, that will be taken into consideration when deciding things like who races with who, who can go to regattas, etc.  We have to reward those who are committed to the team.  Unlike summer youth circuit racing, all the organization and registration for regattas is done by Whatcom Sailing.  This way the students can focus on school and not have to worry about planning for the next regatta.


Our primary form of communication is done via email, so please help us out by responding to emails quickly and make sure we have your current email address (students and parents).


We use a text message notification system for all the sailors. The messaging service is called Remind. To sign up send a text message

TO: 81010   Message: @sailboats


Cost is $200 per season. We never want cost to be a reason why someone is not participating so please contact me if you or someone you know needs financial assistance.  We have scholarship money for kids that are on the free or reduced lunch program.


  1. Register and pay with Whatcom Sailing.  Click here to Register.
  2. Complete the school athletic registration online.  This is now being done with the Final Forms program.
  3. Get cleared with your school.  Talk to your AD secretary to confirm you are cleared.



PARENTS – Please help us by scheduling dentist and doctors appointments around our regular practices. Practices are held at Zuanich Park dock. Carpools from school to practice will be arranged at the first practice.

We require all sailors to have a Type III Coastguard approved life jacket, a whistle attached to your life jacket and a wetsuit. There will be days where we will require a wetsuit or you won’t be able to sail. We strongly encourage proper gear, such as gloves, booties and no cotton. On our gear page on the website, we suggest places to buy gear and what kind of gear to get.Please ask us or your fellow sailors what gear we recommend if you have any questions.

Running shoes and workout gear.  We will be having workout days this season where we will be running and doing other cardio exercises.  You will be expected to run and workout with the team at any practice.

We would like you to consider buying and wearing a helmet as well.  Especially if you are new to sailing or have had a previous concussion.  Concussions can happen by getting hit in the head by the boom and can be very serious.  Here is more information about sailing concussions:


We follow the same requirements as the high schools for athletes.  This means that students must attend all classes the day of a practice AND must be passing all classes.  If either of these are failed, then you may not practice.  If you miss a class, you need to get it excused and cleared with the AD secretary before practice.


Please see the website for a schedule of all regattas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or visit the website for information. I am excited to be starting another season of sailing!

See you on the water!

Scott Wilson

360.303.1759 c