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LibGuides — portal for curated research starting points

Global Issues in Context logoGlobal Issues in Context – 

Expert information & resources primary sources, international news, photographs, video clips, interviews & podcasts.


Click Here for Access from home

Science in Context logo  Science in Context – 

Primary source information for all your Science research. Begin your research projects here!


World Religions header  World Religions database – covers everything about all world religions.


opposingviewpoints icon Opposing Viewpoints

provides current issues supported with both perspectives using articles, debates, controversies, statistics, expert resources.


World Geography logo   World Geography – 

Detailed cultural information about every country in the world.


Culture Grams

Detailed information about every country in the world.

(squalicum, cgrams)

World Book Online —  online encyclopedia and more!!


Current Events link:

NewsBank – access World News through NewsBank        (username & password = bellinghamschools)        AllSides – unbiased news site

Bellingham Herald Collection through NewsBank


FakeNews busting sites

F.A.I.R — detecting bias in the media    Snopes— the antidote to disinformation      Media Bias in the United States – Wikipedia

Looking for a humorous take on the news? Try The Onion!

You can also use:  Global Issues in Context    – This database  gives perspectives on International news and current events. 

YA Book Podcasts  

Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr

This weekly podcast brings together two YA lovers, Brenna Clarke Gray and Joe Lipsett, who talk about YA books and their subsequent adaptations. 

Google books – Free eBooks

eBooks  – 9 online full reference books.

“The library has no biases. The information is all there for you to interpret. You don’t have someone telling you what to think. You discover it for yourself.” Ray Bradbury, author

Time is a very important resource. Once it slips out of your hands, there’s no way you can turn it back.

Our goal is to help students, staff and parents become competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. Our mission is to prepare students to become information literate, transliterate individuals who are able to determine their own information needs, recognize and utilize reliable and relevant resources, creatively and effectively solve problems and communicate with others, sharing their learning with the larger community.

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A library’s mission is to take the world of data, combine it with the people in the community and create value. (Seth Goodin)