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Welcome to Squalicum High School. Our mission is to prepare all students for college, career and citizenship. It is our responsibility to ensure all students have equitable access to a solid educational foundation.

Vision and Core Belief
Equal access to college preparatory courses and programs for all students will open the doors for college, and help to ensure students succeed once they arrive. This type of education, traditionally reserved for a select few, is essential in order for all students to improve and succeed. No matter what our students choose to do after they graduate, a solid preparation for continued education beyond high school is essential. As a public high school that prepares all students for a fulfilling and successful future, this must be our mission.

Emergency and Safety Information

Keeping our students and staff safe at school is a top priority. Bellingham Public Schools coordinates with all local emergency responders to ensure our procedures and plans for fire, earthquake, lockdowns and other drills are current and reflect best practices for student safety.

What to do in an emergency »