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Updated 3/9/2022

Upcoming Whatcom Community College Running Start Information Sessions:

4/7/2022 6pm Running Start information session-for prospective students

4/7/2022 7:30pm Running Start launch for newly admitted students




(New to Running Start) Steps for Enrolling to Running Start

Start with where you would like to do Running Start:

  1. Visit the Running Start section of the college’s website that you would like to attend. There are several resources for new Running Start students on each website that we highly recommend looking through for common Q&A’s. You can access the website and application here: WCC Website/WCC Application, BTC Website/BTC Application. Please be sure to submit your application to the college before moving forward.
  2. Connect/Reach out to your counselor so that you can:
    • Figure out or share with them your plan to do Running Start
    • Determine your final schedule at SQHS for the given semester/quarter you would like to attend Running Start (SQHS Semester 1 = WCC Fall Quarter, SQHS Semester 2 = WCC Winter/Spring Quarters). If you would like to add/drop classes or make any changes to your SQHS schedule, your counselor will be your go to person for this (Ms. Gardisky is not in charge of adjusting/changing schedules). Please be sure to have a solidified final SQHS schedule that has been adjusted to your plans to do Running Start (full time/part time, even if your plan is to take 0 classes at SQHS).
  3. Once you have completed steps 1, 2, THEN you meet with you High School and Beyond Coordinator (Ms. Gardisky) for your Enrollment Verification Form (EVF).  
  4. You, Ms. Gardisky, and a parent/guardian need to sign the completed EVF EVERY QUARTER before sending it over to your college advisors who will then help you navigate your next steps moving forward.

(Returning) Running Start Students that need an EVF

Please skip to step 2 on the list above – UNLESS you already have a set/adjusted schedule. If you know that your schedule doesn’t need any changes/adjustments then you can go on to step 3 from the list above.


Homeschooled/Non SQHS Students 

You follow similar directions from the list(s) above. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to communicate with any SQHS counselors about classes at SQHS.  

(Basic step by step) 

  • Apply to Running Start via their RS Website. Your application can take a few days to be processed after your submission. 
  • Once you are notified of your acceptance, email me at and let me know that you have applied and been accepted to RS (be sure to mention which college). Please also be sure to mention that you are a homeschooled/Non SQHS student as well. 


Helpful Links, Resources, and Information  


  • Running Start Students that are planning to graduate FROM SQHS are required to complete their High School and Beyond Plan Requirements.
  • If you plan on attending and being a part of SQHS student activities, please be sure to check your SQHS email (at least twice a week) for updates and upcoming events.



WCC Running Start Contacts 

General Contact | | (360)383-3123 

Yusuke Okazaki | Last Names A-K | 

Jackie Ferry | Last Names L-Z | 


BTC Running Start Contacts 

General Contact| | (360)752-8345 

Mark OConnor | 



New to Running Start Power Point. 

What is Running Start?

Is Running Start right for you?

We highly recommend that you attend a Running Start Information Session. Please take a look at the college you’re interested in attending’s Running Start website for requirements, dates, times, and schedules (Websites linked below).

Whatcom Community College


Bellingham Technical College


 WCC Running Start

 BTC Running Start

 WCC Course & Credit Equivalencies

 BTC Course & Credit Equivalencies



*Whatcom Community College does not require testing* For other schools, students must call to schedule an appointment to take the placement test on the college campus. Contact information can be found on the college websites.  For additional information contact Ms. Gardisky, or the running start offices at the college.  See below for helpful test practice websites!

BTC testing site has several helpful study guides

EdReady link!

Accuplacer Study Guide Work through the Everyday Math, then Pre-Algebra, then Algebra Spend a little time each day, for a few weeks.

Cool Math


For more information please contact

Emily Gardisky

High School and Beyond Coordinator