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Current Scholarship Bulletin 9-21-18

The career center receives many scholarship opportunities for SQHS students. Check the listing to view a variety of scholarships that are available, these are arranged by due date and are updated often. Remember, the BEST source of scholarships is the school you or your student is planning on attending.

Scholarship Websites

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Form (FAFSA)– need help completing application? Seniors and their parents are invited to our College Goal events sponsored by each high school in our district in January – check the BSD web calendar for dates! Even if your family doesn’t qualify for financial aid, students still need to complete this if applying work study or federally protected low interest loans.
  • Financial Aid deadlines for 2018 school year
  • finaid– ” the smart student’s guide to financial aid”
  • NELA– the Paying For College booklet is very helpful info on financial aid and loans!
  • Speak the Language: Financial Assistance
  •  offers straightforward and easy to understand information about planning and paying for college.
  • Understanding FAFSA A How-To guide for High School Students (and the adults who help them)
  • When is my FAFSA Deadline? check out this helpful information from NerdWallet
  • Washington Financial Aid Association  WFAA is a variety of state, regional, and national financial aid associations
  • Click here for the 7 Top Reasons why the FAFSA is for Everyone!  .

Additional Resources

Scholarship Tips & Tools

Students should consider scholarships a part time job.  Plan to spend thirty minutes, once a week, updating and checking your scholarship websites.Remember: every dollar you earn from scholarships is one more than you had before and one less than you will have to pay back in loans! Still not sure if it’s worth your time? Check out these websites:

The Scholarship application process is not so different form the college application process. Here is what you will need!